The Show

Serving the Chicago Land Area & Suburbs.  eMad The Entertainer stands out from the crowd in the art of captivating the room & holding every child’s attention. With a full array of Mad skills to create a routine just for your little STAR! Bringing excitement & a Magical Mayhem to the day. Every minute is bursting with Comedy, Juggling, Puppets, Prizes &  a Show that will get everyone in on the act!

​Show package include Super Exciting Games, Marvel Avenger Prizes for all participants, a special pre-made balloon & a special card for your Birthday STAR.

Your Birthday Star will:

  • Magically produce an animal
  • Experience the Magic happening in their hands
  • Spin the Carnival Wheel of Prizes
  • Belly Laugh throughout the picture moments

​The Magic Show is best for 3-9 years of age children – One Hour for one price of $290

No Travel Fees

No Large Audience fees 

My name is eMad, and no one told me how this hobby could become so addictive! Whether it be balloons or magic, the better I become, the more I want to entertain & develop! I love to see kids excited about what I do and how that makes them feel. Happy kids are all that matter.

I offer money back guarantee. I pack light, I got a cool hat, & my homies agree I really look good in black. Oh also I can setup in 10 min.


Well thanks for taking the time to visit this site. Looking forward to helping make your kid’s party Magical & a Phenomenally fun one!