Un-cola 2.0

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Un-cola 2.0 Letters Magic Trick Prop Educational children comedy show uncola


The children need a spelling lesson!
Do not spell yet! The magician shows a mini coke vending machine large enough to hold four blocks, and informs about his ability to spell coke really well. He puts the letter blocks in a machine in a mixed order tying to spell coke C – E – O – K – but it’s not correct according to the children audience.  The magician then inserts a slide and up comes the slide with the letters spelling J O K E!   The magician is in trouble he inserts the slide back in and upon removing the slide the letters now spell  P O K E!!!.  The magician is in real trouble now,  he puts the slide again and with his famous magical gesture and the magic word is spoken, he remove the slide to spell C O K E .
After a round of applause,  the magician still have one more finally up his sleeves,  he puts the slide back, and off goes the machine producing a FULL SIZE BOTTLE OF COKE. Real and unopened.

Unique design
Uses the comedy rule of 3
Gets children to react

You will receive:
– The plastic mini vending machine
– 4 blocks
– Cover slides
– Paper with link to a video instructions

Un-Cola 2.0 is an upgrade from the classic trick by Mak

Great for children educational stage magic trick shows, and great for other coke bottle tricks transition.

Works  with 20oz and best with 16 oz coke plastic bottles or anything smaller. .

Here is a sample routine of how the product can be used

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in

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