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Similar to the classic Stat-o-sphere magic trick – This design uses color Puzzle Cubes to change places (Transposition) – uses a wooden box instead of the (jocker tube) and an upgrade design where you are able to show the inside of the tube to the audience. Cubes are examinable and fun to play with

You will Get:
3 color speed cubes
The Square Tube
1 shell with red stickers
The Vanishing Wooden box
Instructions via video link

Here is a sample of how the product can be used:

The cubes are speed cubes, smooth, and has vinyl stickers –
Wooden box has 2 doors, metal knobs, close and held with magnets, inside is painted with super black for black Art.
The Square Tube is 3d printed tube, has color squares that are plastic colors (NOT vinyl stickers) , the other side has an optical illusion design that is painted with oil base colors.

We do offer custom designs, if you like to change the cube colors, or have specific look. please contact us
Shipping and taxes are included.