Book Test – Gimmicked Hoy Method Harry Potter Book

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Harry Potter Book TEST


Book Test Magic Trick – Harry Potter’s “The order of Phoenix” is a gimmick book, newly printed with over 800 pages used or a Mentalist Magic Trick.

Give a spectator a book, stop at a freely at a selected page, Magician will ask to pick a word from the page, then magician guesses the word …

You will receive two books that are different in page count, trim size, and page color; “The order of Phoenix” and “The sorcerer’s stone” which is a real used copy. A used of the non gimmick book can add to the illusion

Here is a sample routine of how the product can be used


Few notes:

* Spectator has a free choose on page number

* No similar page numbers method

* Cover has a mandatory marking (not for resale) by the print press



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