Rubik’s Cube Die Box

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“The Rubik’s Cube” Die Box Magic Tricks by eMadMagic


A Sucker Magic Trick.

The classic sucker trick, but with few unique features. A “Rubik’s Cube” can be used as well as the classic dice. The cube is newly constructed and a brand new Rubik’s puzzle with a separate detachable compartments.

The Magician picks up a cube, and places it in one compartment. It mysteriously vanishes, reappearing in a HAT or somewhere else.

1. Metal knobs
2. 4-doors
3. Sliding noise
4. Large size
5. magnets to keep doors closed
6. Cube can be inserted from front view of audience
7. Walnut wood stain color with polyurethane finish
8. Unique, cool, and cleaver

Here is a sample view of how the product can be used

You will get:
1. Wooden 4 Door Box
2. Brand New Hasbro brand Rubik cube puzzle
3. Cube Shell
4. Dice Shell
5. Plastic Dice
6. Extra Cube Stickers & Dice Dots Stickers
7. Instructions with a link to a video instructions
8. Shipping and taxes included

– The cube can be shown inside box without the double door method

– The extra stickers included to make your own gimmicks or use it on the 2nd shell as a replacement if needed

– Great for birthday parties or stage 10 feet away from audience. Not recommended for close up

* Product shipped will be similar in the picture. but might not be the actual exact one

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


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