Oriental Box Vanish

Oriental Box Vanish

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A Thrift store find! with few modifications; we have a unique die like vanish Prop!

It was from Savers,  a franchise thrift store chain in the Chicago area. The item was on the higher price for a thrift item of 7$. At first I thought what a wonderful possible prop. I wish my rubik’s die box was this cool. As I opened it I noticed that the drawers move side to side making the clinking noise.  And what really got me thinking is that the drawer flips when it’s on the opposite side. As a magician this is an advantage as it creates a sense of misdirection in a way.
So I got it. The other interesting feature is that the doors to open are the same as the box opening.  Eliminating doors and making it a simpler design.  As a magician your hands don’t have to move around opening and closing doors. Also it eliminates the gimmick clinking noise as the cube  inside does move from side to side for real . I might be updating my rubik’s box to this concipt in the next release. 

First thing that needed to come out is the drawers and the middle support. A tap with a hammer dislocated the glued part, then I pulled it all out. I did notice that box is made from MDF. And the art is like a wall paper that was stained with the wood like surface. The other issue I had was the middle nail that held the door knob and lock. Which I twisted to lock it in place.

Sanding was only necessary to smooth the edges. The two holes were in the design to push the drawers out. Which we need to close. So at this point I thought if I painted the inside black , maybe I will get away people not noticing the cavity
Using my top secret super black arcylic paint (better that blk3.0) I was wrong about people not noticing the cavity, especiall when I tested it with a die. so I have to fill it up somehow.
These clearance item came in handy, wood filling and an artist knife. Gave it 24hrs to dry
Upon drying, hand sanding this was a mandatory to flatten the fill. The correct way is to use the standard 80, 120, 240 grit.
As always I do 2 coats of paint. I must admit,  it looks much better. And also this black is super impressive upon drying.
There is an issue of the 2 holes in the back. With  ceramic magnets from the sewing cabinet, it fits in the holes. Also replaced the padding on the bottom of the box.

As for the inside of the box, I tried painting it , did not look professional. So I added velvet paper, the best investment from Amazon for 10$

The velvet material works well with the paper cutter for straight cuts. I believe this is an alternative for the super black art. It does however collect dust

Must admit the black is pretty black. The back is only visible with flash and a close up shot. At this point the box is finished, only needs cleaning, and removing the labor stains. I did measure the inner box and came to conclude a 68mm cube will be the best fit for a cube

Took a thingiverse design and resized and to make the gimmick with tinkercad
This was the original design, by roc-jc
Using toxic paints, quickly put this together. I also painted the inner box with my black Turner paint. Added a velvet fabric just like the box to blend in
I was astonished of the result. I guess I will add a quick silent routine on YouTube. The idea of the moves can be seen on the following pics

Hope you like and enjoy this build. Will see you next time inshalla

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  1. Thats really nice. Im going to check our local Savers. Thanks for the idea.

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