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Dream Table


I received a request to design a replica for Dream Table by Gee Magic - and as always the new design not only should be an improvement and unique form the original, but also build with recycled materials.

Instead of building and coding a motorized device  with Arduino or raspberry pi. why not just recycle a DVD player that already has a remote, and utilize the eject motor for the application.

is there a battery operated device that has a remote with a powerful eject motor to open the cd case? wireless is ideal here. I need ideas for existing products

2nd how to convert the motion of a cd player opening into a vanish effect? that is also a million dollar question.


Hi,  Could a cd changer be used to rotate whatever is being switched, with the case removed there would be extra room for small objects.  The motors on those are pretty good, they are being used constantly.  Radio control cars and airplanes have very inexpensive motors and batteries with very strong servos.  As far as recycling, If you are into planes and cars and drones, we always have damaged copters and aircraft to rob parts from.  Scott.


Dream Table by Gee Magic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0CWLdhOfzU

seems the original concept uses a motorized Ferris Wheel type of switch!.

The radio car motors are not stepping motors, they are cheap and available, they rotate quickly with no precision of control - A Stepper Motors on the other hand is a rotational degree controlled motor. they are more expensive and loud - the smaller ones are used to open a cd changer -

I'm always on the look out in thrift stores for an inexpensive battery powered remote control cd player that opens with a motors. haven't found any yet.


A mini a Ferris Wheel is not be a bad idea actually - if it connects to the center of CD changer and rotates using a belt!! hmm -
not sure if a little resistance would stop a CD changer motor- also they are programed to reverse if there is an obstacle-
another tip I got is just to rotate a board 180 degrees on the table surface - the switch happens using a magnetic item stuck on the other side of the board.