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DIE Rubik's Cube replacement
DIE Rubik's Cube replacement   (ID: 14)
This is a part placement for our Rubik's Die Box Trick You will receive: Plastic shell x 1 Rubik's cube stickers x Set of 6 Vinyl dice dots stickers X 20 dots 57mm Plastic Dice Cube x 1 The shell fits a 57mm original Rubik's Cube brand 3x3 puzzle and stickers are a close color match to that brand. You have the option to use the shell as a dice or Rubik's cube you can arrange the colors however you wish We can arrange to stick in the stickers for the Rubik's with a false shuffle arrangement.

We helped many young magicians to build their own expensive props from recycled everyday items in. We share each step of the building process. if you wish to buy any of our items built, or wish to order one, we can build them ondemand.  Many items created can be found in this section.