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Harry Potter Book Test

Harry Potter Book Test
Harry Potter Book Test
Harry Potter Book Test   (ID: 1)
Book Test Magic Trick - Harry Potter A Mentalist Magic Trick. Give a spectator a book, stop at a freely selected page, Magician will ask to pick a word, then magician guesses the word ... You will receive two books that are different in page count, trim size, and page color "The order of Phoenix" is the gimmick book; newly printed with over 800 pages "The sorcerer's stone" is a real used copy A used worn out copy can add to the illusion Here is a sample routine of how the product can be used rick is unique, cleaver, and not sold in magic sites (not for reslae) marking is mandatory by the print press Few notes: * Spectator can stop at any page number * No similar page numbers method Mentalism BookTest Magic Trick - Mentalist Tricks Hoy